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tednik 08-03-11 06:03 PM

skada changed and now things a weird
Change log

r328 | zarnivoop | 2011-08-03 21:30:13 +0000 (Wed, 03 Aug 2011) | 4 lines
Changed paths:
M /trunk/BarDisplay.lua
A /trunk/Menus.lua
M /trunk/Options.lua
M /trunk/Skada.lua
M /trunk/Skada.toc
D /trunk/icon-config.tga
A /trunk/images
A /trunk/images/ResizeGripRight.tga
A /trunk/images/icon-config.tga
A /trunk/images/icon-reset.tga
M /trunk/lib/SpecializedLibBars-1.0/SpecializedLibBars-1.0.lua
M /trunk/locale/enUS.lua
M /trunk/modules/SkadaDeaths/Deaths.lua
M /trunk/modules.xml

new scheme for handling pets of pets
integrated Skada Window Buttons (first pass)
removed old clunky window sizing config in favor of normal resizing (first pass)
fixed a rare bug in SkadaDeaths

here are the changes to skada he added in Skada Window Buttons (first pass) and they are showing up on skada and in the middle of the screen i dont know if this is a nui bug and also when you try to move or resize skada it total hops around the info panel.

Seer 08-04-11 10:40 AM

I think r238 is an alpha release of Skada so it may bit buggy.

You could try deleting the skada.lua file (might be called a bit different) in the wtf folders and see if that helps.

Kontract 08-05-11 11:04 AM

Just downgraded my Skada to fix this - got my client set to Alpha and auto :/ grr :P

cheers for the info

zarnivoop 08-06-11 08:52 AM

For integration, if you wish to disable the buttons (they are enabled by default), the boolean setting is window.db.buttons['menu' | 'reset' | 'mode' | 'segment' | 'report']. Window height is window.db.background.height and width is window.db.barwidth. Note that the header is not included in the height. The background color is window.db.background.color and defaults to {r=0,g=0,b=0.5,a=0.2}.

The resizing mechanism can be disabled by locking the window.

spiel2001 08-07-11 02:02 PM

Zarnivoop -- thank you for the info.

Any chance of you adding an API so other addons can call your functions to turn things on/off, etc., rather than having to fiddle with your variables? It would be better encapsulation and allow Skada to change how it does these things internally (in the future) without other authors having to know how you handle it internally.

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