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Barleduq 11-06-16 12:52 PM

2 favorites updated, no email
First, I want to say that I greatly prefer this site to Curse, for various reasons. On those addons that I want that are only available on Curse, I tend to PM the authors and ask them to please update here.

One of the reasons I like it so much is that you'll send me an email when an addon I have as a favorite is updated. Unfortunately, at least since Legion drop, one of them isn't sending me email - Engravings. When I checked my email today, I had mail that Undermine Journal had updated yesterday; when I came here, I saw I had more updated in my favorites, and noticed that on that view, Undermine Journal, TipTop, and Engravings had updated yesterday.

This is at least the second time that Engravings has updated that I didn't get email about it. I *think* this is the first time that it's happened with TipTop. My spam folder is empty.

I don't know what else to check for, on my end, to see if it's a failure on my end - I get this mail at Gmail, and I don't pull it down anywhere, I read it directly through a web browser connected to Gmail.

If there's a better way to report something like this, please let me know. A better forum to post in? Please feel free to move it.


Dolby 11-06-16 05:16 PM

very strange, nothing code wise has changed but I'll certainly check into our mail server and see if we have a higher level of failed deliveries than normal.

I have tiptop on my favorite list as well and got the email yesterday on my gmail account when Seerah updated.

If you search for "[email protected]" in your gmail account do you maybe find them? Just wondering if maybe a filter on your end is tagging them into a different folder possibly?

Barleduq 11-06-16 11:45 PM

I have them filtered already, everything from goes to the same folder, and it's not removed from my inbox. Spam folder's empty, and doing a search doesn't find either the Engravings or the Tiptop at all.


In fact, I don't clean these things out - last update notice I got for Engravings was Oct 29, 2012. :/ Notifications of 4 comments, and that's it. Doing a similar search for Tiptop, I see lots of comments, but no updates. So this is really weird.

It's not a huge issue, for me, because I can keep a window here open and just refresh it without a lot of overhead. Which I do every few days anyway, so I catch things eventually.

Thanks for the quick reply!

Barleduq 01-28-17 07:30 PM

Tiptop updated, no email
I went through my email, and clicked on links there to get pages to download from. I had undermine journal and badboy and lightheaded, along with notifications of clique and wowlua that I'm not downloading right now cause $reasons. I decided to update my wow interface tab, and found TIptop there. I then checked email again - nothing in spam, no other random email.

Just letting you know it happened again.

Dolby 01-28-17 09:01 PM

grep'd the mail log and I see the issue.

There is an issue with the message being sent when a super moderator (Seerah the author of Tiptop is a wowinterface super moderator) uploads an update to one of their AddOns. It's sending an email with multiple headers and gmail is rejecting. Where everything is fine when a normal author does it.

I'll work on tracking down where this is happening on our end and get it fixed asap.

Thanks for the heads up.

Barleduq 01-30-17 01:44 AM

Glad it was a help and not a nag!


Barleduq 02-23-17 01:31 PM

It worked!
Whatever you did, I got email this time about TipTop! Thank you!

Dolby 02-23-17 02:02 PM


Originally Posted by Barleduq (Post 322361)
Whatever you did, I got email this time about TipTop! Thank you!

Woot, thanks for letting me know. Yeah it was an issue when super moderators would push updates to their AddOns via SVN or Git. I was sending an email with a malformed header.

Thanks for letting me know there was still an issue.

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