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Xrystal 10-19-12 11:59 PM

nUI6 and the new Pandaria Action Bars
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Just wanted to let you guys see the new Action Bars working in place in nUI6 Alpha.

Here is the Extra Action Button appearing beside the main action bar

spiel2001 10-20-12 01:24 PM

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Yupper. And here it is on my Priest doing the "A Lesson In Bravery" quest. Tweaked the location of the button a bit relative to where Xrystal had it in her screen shot. And, that said, I'll have an update out tonight or tomorrow with that fix in it for nUI6.

twizt3dkitty 10-26-12 02:36 PM

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Hey crystal, which bar mod do you use? Im using bazooka personally and it doesnt appear that nui6 lines up with it as 5 did. But in your screenshot it looks fine. I didnt post this in bugs because Im not sure its a bug since your ui looks fine.

Also just an unofficial suggestion/request to scott, as far as where the player self buffs are shown, and where the target debuffs are shown, could we have an option to leave them where they are normally, or maybe an addon to move them around or change the way they show up? In nui5 I ended up manually changing alot of the aura buttons addon for a similar effect which I had many posts here and help from both of you back in the day. And I thank you both once again lol, and great work so far Scott.

Xrystal 10-26-12 03:06 PM

Scott mentioned in another thread somewhere that at present only titan panel is supported straight out of the box. Probably in that screenshot I had turned on titan so I could see my other info.

spiel2001 10-26-12 05:21 PM

Yeah... at present nUI6 only integrates Titan. I'll add the other bar mods when things settle down.

As for moving the buttons... nUI6+ will offer a GUI you can use to customize the shape, size, color and location of pretty darn near everything.

twizt3dkitty 10-27-12 10:48 AM

all fantastic news, ill just switch over to titan for a bit. Really loving the graphics and such on nui6 so far :)

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