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ible 08-29-19 07:11 PM

Classic Search - Spy-Like
Browsing classic addons yesterday I came across one that function very similar to Spy and/or Stalker. This one was primarily for friendly players. With support for hostile also. Where you could mark and build a personal player database where you rank players with notes and stuff. Like good tank, average tank, terribad dps, toxic kid, KOS player/guild for pvp etc.

You may think this is controversial and shouldn't be used. Well, it's a personal database you build up and is my preferred way to go over just building a ignore list. I'm sure we all have met players that we would never like to play with again. Thing is, their usually not worthy of remembrance so an addon for this is epic.

I must have seen the addon on either Twitch or legacy-wow. I just can't find back to it. Would much appreciate if you could help.

ible 09-07-19 04:24 PM

Apologize for bumping. There's more to the subject. I'm seeing a lot of people who would be interested in the same function. And there seem to be multiple projects trying to cover it.

Here is a reddit, albeit not a good one. seem to be the closest match, but it's not for classic.

The addon that I stumbled across is not among these mentioned however. The one I saw looked colorful like an RP addon with nice tooltip notes. I realize I may have found this for retail or vanilla.

Also one crucial detail is that it should not be based upon friend/ignore list.

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