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Vamps594 12-23-11 05:26 AM

Addons & socket TCP/IP
Hi everyone,

I've got a technical question about addon programming.

Do you know if it's possible to create a socket and initiate a TCP/IP connection directly from the WoW LUA interpreter (with something like ) ?

My goal is to gather combat log and send it to a server in real time but I'm not sure that WoW allows remote connections and/or if I can include external lua modules.

Any help is welcome.

Have a nice day.

Dridzt 12-23-11 05:58 AM

Can't be done from Lua.

You can have an external program polling \World of Warcraft\Logs\Combatlog.txt and upload it somewhere.

That's what does for their "live" option.

It's still the wow client that "decides" when to dump data to the log, it's not really real-time.

Vamps594 12-23-11 06:24 AM

Ok :/

Anyway thanks for your quick reply !

Nobgul 12-23-11 12:06 PM

You can force a dump by reloading ui. Although this would not be good to do in combat.

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