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kami989 06-06-12 08:03 AM

buff/debuff addon
hello all, I would know the name of an addon that I used long ago. The addon is used for tracking buffs and debuffs and is very similar to the blizzard's squares in the top of the page.
The only two differences are that:
- The square of the debuff is bigger
- The tooltip of the buff / debuff says "casted by xxx"

thanks in advance guys :)

Nobgul 06-06-12 08:41 AM

I think Buffalo did this but is no longer developed, Bison aslo does it I think you can download it here and check it out.

kami989 06-06-12 09:29 AM

noooooooooo T_T my buffalo!!! why did them abandoned the project?

Nobgul 06-06-12 09:31 AM

Not 100% sure it was discontinued but it is what i had herd, I could have swore it was here on this site but its not anymore?

kami989 06-06-12 09:44 AM

not anymore... :( i have a copy of buffalo in my hard disk... Unfortunately yesterday it fell on the floor......................... :(

Nobgul 06-06-12 10:02 AM

Data bad or the disc not spinning at all?

p3lim 06-06-12 10:50 AM

How the buff/debuff system works got changed in Cataclysm, and as such, many addons in that category got disbanded.
And because of that, I would not suggest an addon that has been outdated (on WoWI atleast) since before then.

I would rather suggest PhanxBuffs, as they have both of the features you're looking for.

Nobgul 06-06-12 11:54 AM

thanks p3lim,

Didn't realize that bison was also that out of date.

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