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morpheusxeno 01-20-16 01:07 PM

Broken Macro Script
I found this on ownedcore, allows you to change your title every 5 seconds automatically.


/run local f,t=NEN or CreateFrame("Frame","NEN")f.t=0 f:SetScript("OnUpdate",function()f.t=f.t+arg1 if f.t>5 then f.t,t=0,GetCurrentTitle()if t>0 then for i=1,111 do t=mod(t+1,111)+1 if IsTitleKnown(t)==1 then SetCurrentTitle(t)break end end end end end)
Is this accessing a protected function that is no longer allowed? Or is the code broken due to the changes made over the last 7 years?

semlar 01-20-16 03:10 PM

Setting your title requires a hardware event, either a mouse click or a key press.

morpheusxeno 01-21-16 01:46 PM

Alright thanks, It didnt require that before.

Clamsoda 01-21-16 04:12 PM

It has been that way since WoTLK.

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