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kyuki 04-18-12 02:47 PM

Leatrix Won't Run

I get that error. I run Windows 7 64 bit, is that supported by this program and if so then why doesn't it work for me? Is my Windows 7 corrupted or something?

Xrystal 04-18-12 03:08 PM

Which version are you running ?

This version is supposed to support both versions of Windows 7.

If that isn't the one you last downloaded try it and see if it works.

kyuki 04-18-12 03:13 PM

I've tried it and came up to the same error.

kyuki 04-18-12 04:22 PM

Any ideas why it's doing this?

Dridzt 04-18-12 04:30 PM

Google TCPAckFrequency and apply the registry tweak manually.

Phanx 04-18-12 05:32 PM

It works fine for me on Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit with all Windows Updates applied to date.

You should probably post this error on the Leatrix Latency Fix download page so the author is aware of it and can attempt to fix it if the problem lies in the program.

jeffy162 04-18-12 11:57 PM

There's actually a link on the information page for Leatrix Latency Fix to send Leatrix a message if there is unexpected behavior. The link is under the "Errors and Unexpected Behavior" heading.

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