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LudiusMaximus 12-29-20 07:39 AM

AceConfig-3.0 Options: Button with empty name and tooltip?
I am using the AceConfig-3.0 Options button with a custom image. The image should be self-explanatory so I do not want to clutter up the UI with an extra text below it. This can be achieved by setting name to "". But then, I am getting not tooltip any more. If I set name to " ", I get the tooltip but with a blank line on top.

Lua Code:
  1. type = "execute",
  2. name = "This should just be the tooltip header, but not below the button image.",
  3. image = "Interface\\Transmogrify\\Transmogrify",
  4. imageCoords = {0.533203125, 0.58203125, 0.248046875, 0.294921875},
  5. imageWidth = 25,
  6. imageHeight = 24,
  7. desc = "Some explanatory tooltip text...",

Ideally, a text would still be shown as the golden tootlip header, but not in the UI below the button image. Is there a way to achieve this?

I started looking into what a "custom widget" might be but did not get very far.

Seerah 12-29-20 12:53 PM

These AceConfig options tables are an easy way for authors to set up a standardized settings window using the templates provided. If you want to edit too far beyond the template, you need to make a custom options frame (you can use AceGUI directly).

In short, either don't worry about what the name text looks like in the window OR don't worry about what the tooltip looks like if you want to use the templates provided.

Besides, it's never a bad idea to be *as clear as possible* instead of assuming that your image is self-explanatory.

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