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bnkrr 08-08-15 06:30 AM

Why my addon is still pending after such a long time.
I submit a version of my addon (Bich, the Spell Tracker) earlier(5h-6h), it's an important update because i forgot to remove some debug tools in my last version. Some helpful comment for config file is also added.

But since i push it to Git repo and pack zip on wowi website, it turns out to be "pending" till now. My addon also disappears in the main website's index.

Download page shows that "The latest version of this file is currently awaiting approval from a file admin."
I'm 100 percent sure that the code of it doesn't contain any content unappropriate. I wonder what can i do to just get the new version available on the website.

And what's more, what can i do to prevent it from being censored at the next time.


Seerah 08-08-15 12:42 PM

Looks like your addon was approved 5 minutes before this post was made.

It wasn't being censored. You uploaded it in the middle of the night. Files here are manually inspected before being manually approved. This is for the safety of our users and also to catch any mistakes made by the authors. (corrupted .zips, wrong file uploaded, copyright infringement, etc.)

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