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ComputerNerd 07-25-09 04:24 PM

Wowace/Curse Module Progress
I was wondering if there is any sign of progress on the modules for Curse or Wowace since im in the process of reducing the number of sources I have to use for my addons, and at the moment its down to WoWInterface and Wowace, and would like to manage the updating completely from the Minion.

Petrah 07-25-09 05:04 PM

To my knowledge unless things have changed, and someone pretty please correct me if I am wrong, WowAce is for addons that are in beta. Once they go to release stage they go to Curse for public download. If that is correct, then I doubt you will see any downloaders for WowAce.

Cralor 07-25-09 07:12 PM

A module for Curse would include CurseForge/WoWAce. CurseForge/WoWAce gives you more options and a better development environment to work with your addons. "Release" versions will still go to from those 2 development sites, but Beta versions can stay within the development sites for that particular reason.

Seerah 07-25-09 10:43 PM

The place to ask about those modules would be over at wowace/curse. WowInterface won't be writing a module for their sites as it is totally up to them if they wish to support Minion.

/end wowi mod post

As a wowace visitor, I have noticed that they're working on Curse Client 4.0. Not sure if they're putting any effort into a Minion module...

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