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kappe 09-02-12 05:26 PM

need help for italian localization?
hi guys
i'm resurrecting after maybe 2 years of freeze, and now i see we italians have our localization. not a so good news to me, but if you need help localizing your stuff, i'm here.

about italian localization problems, and about a little idea about fixing it, please read here my little suggestion:

Phanx 09-02-12 07:12 PM

Grid could use some Italian attention. ;)

The WowAce web interface for localization is really pretty bad... it's easiest to use the Export feature, copy and paste into Notepad, enter your translations in Notepad, and then use the Import feature to copy and paste your translations back into the system.

myrroddin 09-02-12 09:02 PM

LOL you are going to be so busy, you'll lose hair! Anyway, I have three, with the library being the easiest at only four strings.

kappe 09-02-12 09:51 PM


Originally Posted by myrroddin (Post 262079)

acm is done boy, let me see if i made mistakes. later. it's 6 am here. and i have to wake up in, uhm, 2 hours.

myrroddin 09-03-12 05:11 AM

Thank you very much for the translations! There might be more, but the addon is still in alpha build; I have not added everything, although about a third of what you translated I will use, even if it is not currently in ACM.

Again, thank you. :D

Nimhfree 09-03-12 06:14 AM

If you can put any effort into helping localize Wholly into Italian, that would be great. Its localization page is at:

Ketho 09-03-12 07:04 PM

I don't see Wholly being translated yet, but ..

I'd appreciate it if you could translate FasterCamera, HideRaidFrame and ScrollingChatText into Italian

kappe 09-03-12 07:13 PM

lol guys give me some time to handle these projects, seems an italian localization is needed for a lot of addons. and i feel a bit alone :)

UrbanArmitage 09-04-12 08:14 AM

It seems that if you were looking for work, you came to the right place! ;) :D

Talyrius 09-04-12 12:12 PM

If you have any Italian friends who are also fluent in English, you could ask them to consider helping as well. It's hard finding translators.

kappe 09-04-12 12:29 PM


Originally Posted by Talyrius (Post 262337)
If you have any Italian friends who are also fluent in English, you could ask them to consider helping as well. It's hard finding translators.

we, italians, cannot speak english. and we are lazy. 99% of italian players pretended to use italian in random dungeon if they were more then one. even worst in bg, where you were able to read italian phrases nobody else can understand.
plus, in the 1% speaking english fluently, there are maybe 99% thinking 'screw localization, i will be not paid for that job', forgetting they used those very same addons for years for free.

we are the jest in the wow community, and not only here. i'm not so confident i already know anyone helping us. maybe another random player who got some free time and want to contribute, but nobody i already know.

lord, and i'm still not playing yet.

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