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MadMisha 01-15-20 05:20 PM

wow update
is it just me or is everyones carbonite not working since the update

R_OReilly 01-15-20 07:50 PM

Ircdirk has been updating the alpha version of Carbonite to address evolving issues. If you are using Twitch/Curse, right-click on the addon and find 'Release Type', select Alpha and it should now show you the latest alpha release uploaded.

Ircdirk, FYI I've submitted an issue on GitHub about world map positioning when in 8.3 versions of Uldum, Vale, and I suspect any others affected by N'Zoth. Guessing it's an alternate mapid like Silithus, etc.

MadMisha 01-16-20 07:35 AM

ok thanks ill go look but i use minion

MadMisha 01-17-20 08:35 AM

YAY its working again!

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