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myrroddin 07-19-16 12:46 PM

Legion pre-patch and Demon Hunters
I presume, since I get a message that DHs require Legion and a level 70 character (I have at least 3 that are 80+) that we can't create Demon Hunters today, July 19?

Just wondering, as I thought if you pre-purchased Legion (I did) we'd get to create the new class now. Anyone know when, assuming Blizzard didn't change their minds and we have to wait until August 30?

Seerah 07-19-16 01:06 PM

I believe Blizzard said that at some point before the launch of the expansion we will get access. Probably when the story of the pre-patch warrants their inclusion. They didn't say we would get them today.

p3lim 07-19-16 01:47 PM

"A few weeks prior to the assault on The Broken Isles" according to them.

myrroddin 07-19-16 06:40 PM

Ah hah, thanks guys.

sweetguy 07-20-16 12:24 AM

Thanks guys.

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