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Sinakul 10-26-12 02:56 PM

nUI Unit Aura bug...I think
Bug Sack/Bug Grabber is doing a wonderful job of keeping this from popping up in the middle of my screen during raids or quests.

16x [ADDON_ACTION_BLOCKED] AddOn "nUI" tried to call the protected function "nUI_Raid10Unit_Player_Aura2_Button2_HitBox:SetID()".
!BugGrabber-r188\BugGrabber.lua:587: in function <!BugGrabber\BugGrabber.lua:587>
<in C code>
nUI-5.07.27 (Plus)\Units\nUI_UnitAura.lua:326: in function <nUI\Units\nUI_UnitAura.lua:312>

I might add I notice this says 5.07.27 but I'm actually using the last version of 5 that was emailed out (?..28)

spiel2001 10-26-12 05:18 PM

Yeah... there's quite a few taint bugs in nUI5. They're part of the reason it has FPS leaks in big raids. nUI6 has one taint problem in it that I'm aware of, but I'm working with Blizz to try and get a resolution to that one. So, hopefully nUI6 will be free of these kinds of warnings.

FWIW: Taint reports are warnings, not bugs, and don't usually appear in combat. There's options to turn off tracking of the warnings, too... can't recall if they are in the BLizz interface settings or the Swatter/BugSack settings. I always keeps them on since I need to know about them, but players can turn them off since they're usually harmless.

Sinakul 10-27-12 08:02 AM

on that note, at one point in time, if we were testing/using nUI6 we needed to have nUI5._ installed as the platform (for lack of a more appropiate word). Is this still the case?

FYI: yea they were popping during raids even though turned off in Bizz options. Guildie suggested this combo rather than uninstall of nUI.

spiel2001 10-27-12 09:55 PM

No... if you have nUI and nUI6 both installed and enabled, nUI6 will disable nUI. You don't need both anymore.

Belechannas 10-29-12 12:54 AM

It looks to me like Line 326 of nUI_UnitAura (the one apparently generating the warning) could be commented out without affecting anything else.

All it does is call Frame:SetID on one of the aura slots.

Frame:SetID just associates an integer value (essentially a tag or user index) with a frame, which can be retrieved with Frame:GetID. The ID assigned has no effect on the frame's behavior (which makes one wonder why calling SetID should be protected...).

In any case, there are no corresponding calls that I can find to Frame:GetID on the aura slots in question, so the ID number assigned on line 326 is "write-only" and serves no purpose.

spiel2001 10-29-12 05:09 PM

Unfortunately... that is incorrect. The Blizzard code relies on the ID being set. It uses the ID to know which aura is being referenced by the button.

Belechannas 10-29-12 08:00 PM

What Blizzard code do you mean?

The call in question is in the handler that displays the aura tooltip when the mouse enters an aura.

It seems ... surprising ... if Blizzard code is relying on how nUI displays aura tooltips. AuraTooltipEnter (where that warning is generated) is the only place where nUI passes an aura to Frame:SetID. If you are right, then any Blizzard code relying on that call only works when you happen to mouse over an aura. And since the call to SetID is not allowed in combat, it wouldn't work in most cases anyway.

The aura which is actually displayed is specified in the SetButtonAura method, later in the same file, without reference to the frame ID or anything else done in AuraTooltipEnter.

In any case, I've now tested, and the only noticeable effect of commenting out that line is that no warning is generated when you mouse over an aura while in combat.

spiel2001 10-29-12 08:16 PM

Well... I'm surprised. But, then... no I'm not. ~lol~

In any event, that fix should work for the time being in nUI5. nUI6, on the other hand, is re-written to use the (relatively) new secure aura system... so, hopefully we won't have the same issues there.

spiel2001 09-11-13 06:05 PM

This change should be in tonight's 5.07.37 release. Hopefully (?) it works as intended.

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