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Beladona 07-12-05 08:06 AM

(WDN) Development Network
I want to formally announce a project I have been working on the past few weeks, and decided to release now with patch 1.6.0 (edited with new link)

this site is running on my personal site, but will be getting moved soon to wowinterface. I am calling it the wowinterface development network as it is a resource for developers to get comprehensive information about the ui, files, and methods for creating addons.


Version Patch Notes (finished) allows you to view the patch notes for each released version of the game.

Version Comparisons (finished) shows a deep file comparison and analysis of everything that physically changed in the FrameXML files per version.

Snapshots (finished) allows you to view the current files as they are in the live and test servers for the current client version. Basically a raw file viewer for the Interface/FrameXML directory.

LUA Reference Documentation (under development) a modified version of the LUA docs customized to only include WOW relevant data. WoW uses a subset restricted library of LUA functions and as such not everything in the full LUA 5 docs are relevant.

XML Reference Documentation (under development) compiles the formatting and organizational structure of the wow xml files.

API Reference Documentation (under development) is a comprehensive guide to the wow specific functions and handlers as defined in the live client.

Smippets & Tutorials (coming soon) will be an area in which custom code blocks are published for general consumption. Basically a place where developers can share ideas and code for easy access and organization of features...

I was going to wait until the doc sections were done, but with the release of 1.6 I felt the community would want to see the version compares to better manage addon updates...

Kaelten 07-12-05 08:11 AM

does it or if not could it mark the files that are different on the test and live servers?

Beladona 07-12-05 08:15 AM

that is in the comparison section. Test compares are a comparison of the test version and the live version at the time that test version was open...

So for this instance, test 1.6 is compared to live 1.5.1

Do you mean a comparison of test 1.6 to live 1.6?

Kaelten 07-12-05 08:25 AM

I suppose either could be useful. since somtimes things do seem to change at the last min.

Kaelten 07-12-05 08:29 AM

or at least reload 1.6 at launch, maybe have an extra star put by them somewhere.

Beladona 07-12-05 08:38 AM

next to the compare for the test server you should now see (from 1.5.1 live) and (to 1.6.0 live) which are both links to the compares for those two versions. Not much changed from test to live, but a little did...

thanks for the suggestion, I will be making it standard with future compares...

Littlejohn 07-12-05 03:12 PM

The version diffs are fantastic. Thanks!

I'm not sure why you are bothering with a whole new site for WoW API docs though. Isn't the WoW wiki a good start? Shouldn't the community focus on keeping one site up to date?

Remelio 07-12-05 03:17 PM

I think both sites are different enough... besides, you can't update Bela's site (only Bela can), so no worries that people will stop updating the wiki. Always good to have choices in case one site doesn't have what you're looking for you can look for it on the other ;)

Beladona 07-12-05 03:30 PM

it is just a different approach. As someone mentioned on the official forums, in the absence of Blizzard actually giving us definitive documentation like we should have, this is the next best thing. You have wowwiki which is used, updated, and maintained by the community, and you have my site that is compiled by a single person or group of people.

Neither site detracts or takes away from the other, they are merely different paths to the same end. I am sorry if this seems like a controversial move, as that wasn't my intention. It is just a personal preference of mine to have reference material that is all-encompasing and updated quickly. While I do use wowwiki, I find it terribly lacking in information, and I tend to end up finding the info on my own by looking at default UI code.

I have a feeling other people are the same way, and will never bother to post their findings on wowwiki. They either find what they need there, or they don't, and you never know otherwise. This is why an open system like that is both a blessing and a curse...

Littlejohn 07-12-05 06:41 PM

Sorry, didn't mean to come across in a negative way -- honestly I just wanted to understand your rationale. I don't know enough about the API yet to update the wiki, but I'm planning to someday. Would you mind if people link from the wiki to your site? (It would be really useful to link from an API definition to example Bliz code that uses and/or defines it.)

Beladona 07-12-05 07:16 PM

don't see a problem with that. That is what it is there for -- reference ;)

also feel free to provide any ideas on what you would like to see. Current things I am toying with as far as the documentation is as follows:

* obviously the name and description of a given function or whatever
* possibly a link that opens in code view the location of that function in the source file
* example output and/or usage

some of what I mentioned above may not make it into the first release, as it would take some coding to accomplish, but I am sure I can do it...

Kaelten 07-12-05 09:53 PM

Invalid access to memory location.

or so your page says when I visit it. :(

Beladona 07-13-05 03:30 PM

sorry, I was developing some php and something I did crashed the application pool the site resides in. It is working now, sorry for that. I use the main site as my personal development / playground for all things web related, so once the dev site gets moved to wowinterface you should never see anything like that...

Kaelten 07-13-05 03:30 PM

hehe, np. I figured it was something like that.

Beladona 08-09-05 06:06 AM

this site has been moved to the new wowinterface subdomain. You can still acccess it at the old link and it will redirect to the new addy.

The new and correct addy however is


Beladona 10-03-05 05:34 AM

site updated through the 1.8 patch currently on the test server. I had to change the format for compares due to the changes that Blizzard made. Now compares take into account changes in the AddOns folder as well, since they now have Blizzard Addons located there. You can see the changes here:

I will be tweaking the output a little, to make it easier to read and recognize folders versus files...

Cladhaire 10-04-05 09:24 AM

Thanks for your work on this.. it'd definitely a huge help when I'm working (at work) and need to take a look at the default UI code.

Having only proxy access to the internet and full SMS monitoring makes it kinda hard to get WoW installed and patched up :P

Sembiance 10-13-05 11:20 AM


Originally Posted by Beladona
While I do use wowwiki, I find it terribly lacking in information, and I tend to end up finding the info on my own by looking at default UI code.

Being a Wiki, you are able to contribute to the WoW wiki and update it with the correct info!
When you find something missing to WoW wiki, you can add it :)

noraj 10-13-05 11:31 AM

wow man this is pretty bad ass im just peekin it now....Update for 1.8 commin soon?

Beladona 12-05-05 08:20 PM

redesigned. I am getting more aggressive with updates. You should now see updates for every build that gets released, including mini-patches on the test server.

I also released a new design today that kind of simplifies the main interface. I have plans to modify the entire site in the coming days so that all pages pretty much flow together. You should now be able to easily access compares, patch notes, and even download archives of each specific version (saving you the trouble of exporting it yourself.

I have also converted the entire site into xml/xsl format. This should allow me to do some fancy new tricks, and include more comprehensive data in the coming weeks. I don't want to give anything away, but I hope to have a lot more details reporting soon. I am also working hard to alleviate a small issue I am now having with the actual compares. In some cases where files underwent major changes from a previous version, the xml file that contains the change information can be rather large. I ran into an xml file the other day that came out to 5mb, which is absolutely huge. I hope to have something soon to simplify these files as well as possibly compress them for faster loading. Stay tuned...

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