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AlyMcAwesome 05-01-10 07:52 AM

Layout Questions
So I was in the neighborhood looking for a new UI, right. Spartan had gotten to be too bloated and just running with floating action bars felt messy, but I remembered remembered reading an article on on nUI and thought I'd check it out.

I dig it. And I am one hell of a picky girl! lol

I wasn't keen on the HUD (I currently use metaHUD since iceHUD went to junk after the patch) because I couldn't really customize it the way I wanted, so setting the alpha's to 0 fixed the problem. The castbar is something I am having an issue with though. Aesthetically, it's not my cup'a tea (I use Quartz and Quartz: Procs). But I also noticed that its location on the HUD is in a very awkward position - right over the bottom half of my toon's body. Is there a way to move this bar to a different location?

Also, is there a way to make the map larger? I had to disable sexymap because it wasn't really jiving with nUI, and would like to see the map use more of its area rather than waste that real estate.

I use Bagnon (as I assume most people do) - how do we condense the bag bar down to one bag icon to reflect this?

I luv the Mageport panel! Luvs it! :banana:

spiel2001 05-01-10 08:02 AM

Easy one first... bag bar...

/nui onebag

This command toggles nUI's display of the full bag bar on and off. By default, nUI displays the backpack, your four extra bag slots, the minimap button bag and the keyring on the bag bar. Toggling this command will shrink the bag bar to just the backpack, minimap button bag and keyring for compatability with mods such as ArkInventory and other onebag type mods.

A complete list of slash commands is here:

For the record... I do not support disabling nUI features to replace them with other mods... it defeats the intent of nUI. So the HUD thing is not something I support you doing, though I can't stop you and wouldn't. There's a FAQ on that subject, as well...

That said, you can move anything and everything in nUI if you like. In fact, you can design a complete HUD that is *exactly* that you want. You just have to make the effort to do so. You can either (a) add your own custom HUD, or, (b) alter one of the existing ones. The HUD layouts are defined in [ Interface > AddOns > nUI > Layouts > Default > HUDLayouts ] which contains a set of folders, one for each of the HUD layout options.

You edit those to move elements, change their sizes, use different art, etc. They're just data files that say how big and where things are.

As for making the map larger... there is *no* wasted room there to make the map larger in. Switch to the Party mode or any Raid mode unit frame panel and you'll see there is no empty space around the map. If you made it bigger, it would overlap the unit frames.

You have three options... 1) get used to the change ~smile~ 2) Use the nUI_InfoPanel_Minimap plugin which will give you a huge minimap in your info panel or 3) use the '/nui minimap' slash command to disable nUI's management of the map and then you can use SexyMap or whatever you like to manage the map for you.

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