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Hypestar 02-22-20 06:40 AM

Addon communicating in classic
Hello there,

i am working on an addon for my guild that should let us write some stuff in a couple of editboxes.
The ultimate goal would be to have these entries synced with other players in the raid using that addon so everyone sees the same entries in those boxes in their own addon.

I am quite new to addon developing in wow but got a broad background in programming.
So i am wondering what would be the the preferred way of achieving this in classic wow.

Thank you guys in advance.

SDPhantom 02-22-20 12:47 PM

I'd start looking at C_ChatInfo.SendAddonMessage() and CHAT_MSG_ADDON.
You'll also have to register your prefix with C_ChatInfo.RegisterAddonMessagePrefix() to start receiving your messages.

PS: Your prefix is a string that's used to identify messages from your addon. It's suggested to base it off your addon's name.

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