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Xyrus 10-17-14 02:32 AM

Alternate for Mapster
Mapster make problems with 6.0.2

i search for a good working alternative - please help me...

Phanx 10-17-14 03:20 AM

1. Did you update to the latest version?

2. What are the actual problems you're seeing? I use Mapster and have not noticed anything wrong.

Xyrus 10-17-14 03:38 AM

yes it works, nice - why i see not the update? I am stupid from to fix so much addons :D

Xyrus 10-18-14 11:02 AM

also i have some problems with mapster - every time i change a region, the map popsup, also if i looged in wow in, i see a open mapster map...

not great :( ne idea?

Phanx 10-18-14 11:47 AM

I'm not seeing anything like that. Does it still happen when you disable all your other addons?

Xyrus 10-18-14 12:54 PM

my first point go to _NPCScan because it use the map, but no - its not the problem...

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