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Benalish 09-25-17 05:41 AM

Help with cancelaura macro
I'm trying to make an auto-cancelaura macro. This is my attempt

Lua Code:
  1. /script local function cancelauraOnUpdate(self) CancelUnitBuff("player", "Path of Frost") end; local f = CreateFrame("frame"); f:SetScript("OnUpdate", cancelauraOnUpdate)

How to disable the macro, for example, by right-clicking?

Thanks in advance

myrroddin 09-25-17 09:18 AM

Seems pretty simple! :D

Seerah 09-25-17 11:44 AM

You can't do this automatically. The function is protected and requires a hardware event.

What Blizzard will let you do is what myrroddin linked. But you still need to actually use it.

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