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galvin 06-02-19 02:06 PM

INV_Misc_QuestionMark icon not found
I checked the files and this does exist, so why am I getting this error?

Message: Texture <unnamed>: Unable to load texture file Interface\ICONS\INV_Misc_QuestionMark
Time: Sun Jun 2 15:56:20 2019
Count: 4

Actual path to file after extracting interface art from the PTR

Kanegasi 06-02-19 02:11 PM

Is there more to the error message? Are you trying to use this in an addon of yours? Is it from another addon? Did you install or update an addon right before the error started?

Without any other info, my best guess is that whatever wants the icon didn't include the .blp at the end. WoW takes file paths literally, so it's trying to load a file called "INV_Misc_QuestionMark" with no extension, which does not exist.

galvin 06-02-19 02:45 PM

It doens't say which addon. Here's a screen shot
You don't need .BLP, it adds it on automatically
Its only this texture, wow addons use many

Kanegasi 06-02-19 03:29 PM

The image brings me to my next question: Does this happen immediately upon loading the game and no other time?

If yes, ignore the error. When the expansion prepatch dropped, harmless loading errors were brought into the UI instead of silently logged in a file like before. Something went wrong during the loading process four times trying to get that file, but I guarantee you probably have that icon just fine. It's the red question mark seen on macros with no set icons.

galvin 06-02-19 04:24 PM

Yeah that's it. Happens on game load


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