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Ehnoah 09-01-20 11:06 AM

Good Editor to start with?
Hey guys,

I'm looking to get into Addon development, I am curious if there is an good Editor to start with, that might have WoWAPI included?

Right now it seems Visual Studio Code has 8.0 inside, but I am curious, since it wasn't updated in a while.
Maybe someone can throw some tips? :)

Dolby 09-01-20 12:09 PM

I love VS Code works really well on any platform and has extentions for almost everything you need. Looks like someone even created an ext for wow (haven't used it yet)... although looking now last commit to that ext was 2yrs ago :(

Xrystal 09-01-20 12:44 PM

I use brackets .. it uses a folder system rather than a project system so I can just link a set of folders in rather than independently.

I used to use Sublime but got frustrated when jumping between projects. Although, it looks like they do have a folder system that I wasn't aware of.

I honestly can't remember if it has wowapi on them as I never really worried about it as wowpedia and the wow framexl builds are usually enough.

JDoubleU00 09-01-20 11:32 PM

Notepad++ is great editor with a lot of features (that I haven't taken the time to learn yet :( ).

StormFX 09-03-20 01:50 PM

As Dolby mentioned, VS Code is amazing. I still use NotePad++ for some tasks, though (git editor, etc).

krel666 09-25-20 09:24 PM

VIM! You'll never leave :)

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