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samyonair 01-04-15 11:34 AM

Style Issue: in weekly window - minor
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Have found an Issue in creating the list for Weekly

see here: LFR and normal are some how out of row

Rythal 01-04-15 12:00 PM

it was known it was going to do that. I tried many formula's to try and space it properly and none worked, I also tried forcing spacing using %-25s and that didn't work either.

samyonair 01-04-15 12:03 PM

thats why post it as minor style Issue

If we can fix it on very later date

greetings Samyonair

atl77 01-05-15 06:19 AM

Maybe we could create multiple frames to ensure the right placement instead of putting all the text into one frame. Otherwise I can probably come up with some formula to calculate an approximation of the text width. I'll have a look into that later.

Since one can change the font, any width approximation probably wouldn't cut it, leaving two possibilities: get it to work with the existing two columns or reset the column widths and add 3 new columns, if possible.

Update: The list is not meant to contain a changing number of columns. I'll test if I can make do with the existing ones.

Another Update: I found a solution (using raid target Icons, I hope you all like it); alas, I found that normal raids don't seem to be trackable via GetLFGDungeonEncounterInfo, even though I killed Kargath on sunday both NHC and HC, none of these are reflected in my weekly encounters.

These have to be parsed out of the GetSavedInstanceEncounterInfo output. Alas, this is not a simple task, since these saved instance encounters have a very different format.

atl77 01-06-15 09:51 AM

I have committed a fix to check even those encounters that are not trackable by the more simple api.

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