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myrroddin 09-25-14 01:04 AM

SmartRes2 and testing
For those interested in testing and reporting bugs, I need all the help I can get. SmartRes2 cannot be tested by one person alone, as its very nature requires either a party or raid environment.

I would appreciate any bug reports, comments, patch code, etc, please and thank you.

Here is the WoD beta version link:

There should be plenty of errors generated, given Blizzard's API change to true/false, possibly library errors. There are links and other errata on the link above.

Thank you everybody who helps; I appreciate it greatly.



def9 09-25-14 03:29 PM

I can tell you there are no errors upon logging in it just shows the anchors on my screen which is a good start. I'll try to get into a heroic or two later and report what I find via the bug tracker.

myrroddin 09-25-14 03:42 PM

Awesome! That was what I saw when logging in; I then moved and locked the anchors (Res Bars and Time Out tabs), so thus far, I see what you see.

def9 09-25-14 07:28 PM

Derp wrong addon lol

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