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seyan777 01-31-18 08:57 PM

Blizzard is trying to abandon those CE buyers, AGAIN
Afaik, this has been an issue since the end of MoP.

Those who pre-orders CE from retailers are always been ignored and never got a chance to enjoy early access contents for last 3~4 years.

WHY do we have to buy extra copy of exact same game from their store, again, only to enjoy early access content?

After all, the excuse that they come up with is they are scared of those dxxk head customers who cancel the order after receiving early access key.

Then, WHY don't they just sell it through Blizzard gears so that it could be easily linked to customer's account?

This is so frustrating...

Rilgamon 02-01-18 02:34 AM

Kanegasi 02-01-18 06:03 AM

I remember that thread. I’m not surprised Blizzard completely ignored all the posts there and continued to screw CE players over.

seyan777 02-01-18 07:21 AM


Originally Posted by Rilgamon (Post 326713)

and you see tons of comments there ppl arguing Blizzard's stupid decision.

Gift a key to friend or family? That's not a thing Blizzard should be concerned about.

Sell it to other gamers? Again, why does it have to be customers responsibility to do so?

All they need to do is just exactly what they have done with Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls release and its early access in-game goodie, Wings of Valor.

Worried of those stupid customers cancelling a pre-order after receiving early access content? There are tons of workarounds suggested by players which succeeded in other games and companies.

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