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Exclamation nUI installation notes...

I wanted to post this in the forums as a general interest post and to provide a point to refer folks back to (or copy/paste from) when people are having installation issues with nUI. You can ignore it otherwise ~smile~

How to Install nUI for the first time...

nUI is designed to work right out of the box with almost zero setup or configuration. There may be some personal preference items you'll want to configure after you install nUI, but aside from that and setting up your action bars there's very little you need to do.

That said, there are a lot of features built into nUI that players normally use a host of other mods to accomplish... action bars, cooldown counters, range and out of mana indicators, HUD, auras, unit frames, and on and on. As such, the potential for conflict with a long list of already installed mods is very large. To that end, I recommend you always start with nUI by doing a clean install in order to eliminate pre-existing conflicts and in order to get the best possible performance out of nUI.

First time nUI installations should be performed as follows...
  1. Exit WoW and rename your [ WTF ] folder to [ WTF.saved ] as well a renaming your [ Interface ] folder to [ Interface.saved ]
  2. Log in to WoW without installing any mods, choose an existing character and set up your video and sound preferences as you would like them to be, then exit WoW again.
  3. Install nUI into your Interface\AddOns directory (see general mod installation note below)
  4. Log back into WoW and make sure nUI is working as you would like. Everything should be present and functioning and the only "issue" should be that your action bars may not have the spells on them that you want and where you want... you can fix that later.
  5. Begin installing the third party mods you would like to use with nUI (Omen3, Recount, DBM, etc.) one at a time and log into WoW after each one to make sure that nothing has broken, your frame rate didn't get tanked, etc. If you find a mod that breaks nUI, let me know and we'll look into it. It is *not* recommended that you install mods that provide features nUI already provides.
  6. Once you have all of your mods installed, you can set up your action bars if they are not already as you want them. All you have to do is drag spells from the spellbook onto the button you want them on. If you want to move a spell from one button location to another, use shift-click and drag. If you are a warrior, a druid or rogue you can change stance, form or stealth and nUi will switch your action bar... then just repeat the process.
  7. The only other thing you may want to do is set your key-bindings. nUI, by default, uses the same key bindings that you have configured on your Bliz action bars. However, if you've been using a third party bar mod, nUI will likely not be able to copy those bindings. There are two ways to set your key bindings: the easy way is to mouse over the button you want to change and press ctrl-alt then right-click your mouse which will open the key binding interface for that one button. Alternatively, you can press escape to open the Bliz menu, select "key bindings" and scroll to the bottom of the key binding page where all of nUI's action bars and buttons are listed.
That's it, you're ready to play. If you decide you would rather not use nUI after you've played with it a bit, you can just remove the new [ WTF ] and [ Interface ] folders that were created for your nUI installation and rename your [ WTF.saved ] to [ WTF ] and [ Interface.saved ] to [ Interface ] and you'll be right back where you were before you installed nUI.

How to update an existing nUI install...

Updating an existing nUI installation is ultra-simple... just download the new update and unzip it into your [ Interface\AddOns ] directory. That's it. You do *not* need to remove or change your WTF settings when updating nUI unless there's a major change in nUI and an announcement is made accordingly.

Likewise, you generally do not need to delete your nUI directory from [ Interface\AddOns ] before you do an update. With the exception of major version updates, nUI does not remove or move the distribution files that are included with it. Generally, at most, nUI will add new files from one update to the next.

That said, if you feel there's a problem with your nUI installation, there's no reason you cannot delete your [ Interface\AddOns\nUI ] directory and then reinstall the distribution package in it.

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