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Actually, no, we don't always send a PM. If it is a brand new upload to the site and it has one (or more) of the "big three" problems (most often compilations are guilty of them), we don't necessarily send a PM on the first rejection. If the uploader resubmits it with the same errors, we're more likely to send a PM. Existing projects on the site will get a PM every time because their project isn't getting deleted outright, it is being put on hold until they correct it.

Every single time you upload to our site, you have to agree to this:

Upload Disclaimer

Rules & Guidelines:
  • You must attach both a zip file (rar files are accepted) and a jpg/png/gif (when required). A picture is worth a thousand words and helps AddOn users immensely.
  • Include a help (.txt or .doc) file in the zip if your mod is difficult to install.
  • You must include an informative and accurate description of what the file does.
  • Executable files are not allowed, except for some very specific cases. We test and decompile all executable files that are submitted. In some cases we may ask for the source. This processes could take awhile.
  • Do not include additional zip/rar files inside the main zip/rar file.
  • Additional compilation rules:
    • AddOn/Interface compilations found to include wowmatrix.dat files it will be deleted.
    • AddOn/Interface compilations must include a list in the description of all AddOns used.
    • Executable files are not allowed in AddOn/Interface compilations.
By uploading this file you certify that to the best of your knowledge:
  • The file and its contents are free of viruses, trojans, spyware, malware, and worms. If anything malicious is found you will be banned and your account information handed over to proper authorities.
  • This file is offered free of charge and is not available elsewhere for a fee.
  • You certify that either you are the copyright holder of all documents being submitted or have permission to submit them.
  • This file, or the contents thereof, are not harmful or offensive in any way.
  • This file is free from advertisements or promotions or nag screens.
  • This file has no time limit and is free to use. (Paid or Trial-ware are not accepted here)
  • The description that you are providing to this file accurately reflects the contents of the file.
  • Your upload file conforms to the rules listed above.
All uploads are posted pending verification by an admin or file moderator.

______ I have read, understand, and agree to these terms.

People need to learn to read it. It's there for a reason. The problem with your upload was covered in it. I know, because I remember rejecting your upload earlier today, and it was rife with Wowmatrix files. All you had to do was remove them and resubmit it and it would be accepted and approved with no problem.
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