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Okay, we didn't want to have to do this, but:

We have had to institute a membership date requirement on the Beta key give-away. The only authors who are automatically eligible for a key now are those who have been members in good standing on our site since before we announced the give-away. If you have joined our site on or after Monday, 12 July 2010, simply uploading an addon will not qualify you for a key, in and of itself.

We have always had problems with people trying to scam keys every other time we have run this, but never to the degree that we are experiencing it this year. The number of fraudulent or simply pointless addons that have been uploaded this week has been completely insane. The number of people we have outright banned from the site for uploading other people's work would astound you. We have had to spend a very significant portion of our time trying to filter through all of these, to the determent of everything else on the site.

A perfect example of the sorts of things we are having to deal with would be this. I got a PM forwarded to me by a long term author on the site, alerting me to an attempt to scam a key. The PM read:

Originally Posted by [scammer]
Hello [long-term author] !
Well i guess that i dont know who i am, but i want ask you something...
i've seen that u are an Addon Author, and I came to this page yesterday and saw that announce about Cataclysm Beta Keys giveway for Addon Authors...
Well i have no ideia how to create an addon, and i'm here to ask you if u can create a very simple addon for me ?
well probably you'll recieve your key but i guess i have no chance just opting-in on battle net...
i can give you some gold in WoW if u want, but i just to want to enter in Beta...
I guess it's not outlaw...
i Apologize you to understand me.
If u are doing this for free or for some payment answer me with a PM ok ?
Thank you !
Or all the ones that have descriptions starting with something like:

"This is just a simple addon I made that..." or "I just whipped up this addon really quickly to..." or even " I Have been using this addon for personal use for a while now...", while not actually telling what it does at all, and it's a nothing more than a five line addon that puts a single button on the screen.

The examples can go on and on, but I'm sure you get the point.

So, while we hate to do it, we really feel that we have no other choice at this point. Obviously there are exceptions to every rule, and we are willing to consider individual ones on a case-by-case basis. If you are a new author to our site and you truly feel that your addon is deserving of a key, you can PM one of the staff and we will discuss it amongst ourselves. However, it is entirely up to us and our decision is final.
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