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Open that file and search for 120327, not the numbers in the other thread. Those numbers equate to YearMonthDay. The day the message started was 2012, March 27, or 120327. Change it to 130327, save the changes, and you should be good to go.

In my "Carbonite.lua" file, they are on line 18168, but I've seen different lines for the same things in Lua files from the same addon before, so...... Hopefully, that is not the case here.
Apparently when they fixed the nag message they rewrote, re-ordered, or added(?) some other things.

The date you're looking for is 120807, and it is now on line 13967. I had to find it by searching for the function line "function Nx.Sec:VaT()" which is the function the message is part of. That function starts on line 13965 and ends on line 13973. Nine lines of code, but one of them occasionally causes some serious irritation.

I'm not too sure why you would have to change the date, though. If you updated Carbonite to the latest (4.301) version, the nag is gone. You'll start getting it again on August 7, 2012 if there are no further updates til then.
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