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Lightbulb 3rd-party 6.0 hotfix (experimental, buggy and incomplete)



Limited support for Draenor world zones since "CarboniteHotfix20141112".
Draenor instances are not supported.

last update: 2014-11-12

I have created this hotfix originally solely for my personal use
to bring some basic Carbonite functionality up and running and
I have currently no plans to update this one any further.

Obviously a full working version requires a lot of more work
beyond my few dumb and rash workarounds.

Rythal has already announced that he will release a 6.x version
of the addon. You can look up the progress here:





1. Exit the game.

2. Make a backup copy of your <WOW>\WTF folder and keep it at a safe place.
(maybe you will need your old Carbonite settings at a later date).

3. Delete all old Carbonite related folders located under <WOW>\Interface\AddOns\

4. Get the "official" Carbonite 5.4.2 Alpha 5 from here:


and extract the contents of "CarboniteBETA-542a5.zip" to


5. Get a current version of the Ace3 libraries from here:


(e.g. Ace3-r1124.zip) and update (overwrite) the folders located under


6. Get the attached

* CarboniteHotfix20141112.zip (limited Draenor suppport; enUS,deDE only)

-- OR --

* CarboniteHotfix20141104.zip (no Draenor support; maybe more "stable")

and update (overwrite) the files in the various Carbonite folders
located under


7. Start the game and enable loading of out-of-date addons.

(I have not updated the TOCs to make it clear that this a incomplete,
buggy, "unofficial" and completely unsupported hotfix.)

Further recommendation: Do not run the "Overachiever" addon together
with this hotfix (additional LUA errors).

Update 2014-11-04:

I got tired of some issues of the old "CarboniteHotfix20141029v2"
hotfix. Please use "CarboniteHotfix20141104" instead.

- map issues (missing zones, wrong indexes) fixed
- carbonite quest window fixed

Draenor zones are still not supported.
Update 2014-11-12:

WoD will be released soon. Limited support for Draenor world zones
(enUS, deDE only (*)) added. Draenor instances are not supported.

(*) You may add translations of the new WoD zones to
Carbonite\Locales\Localization.lua to support further languages.

First experiences:

The "Frostfire Ridge" map and quest tracking seems to work as expected
(as usual you can use /reload if quest objectives are not clickable).

Tanaan Jungle Intro map is not supported (unimportant).
Garrison maps are not supported (annoying).

[email protected] // DBM
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