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Originally Posted by FizzyMyNizzy View Post
Minion is detecting newer version of addon. But still have a update button to installed the older version....
Right now Minion only detects if the version that is installed is different that what is located on wowinterface. We are working on making this better and detecting versions that are simple ints. You can right click the AddOn on that list and choose to ignore what it thinks is an update for now if you like. We are working to make this better by better version detection AND features to attract authors to update their AddOn here more frequently.

-Minion needs a button to open the browser to the forums. I have a hard time finding this place/
Thanks for the suggestion. Maybe we could add a help icon to the top right some where.

-Have you guys thought about having this software scan people computer for hardware drivers update?
Example: http://www.iobit.com/driver-booster.php
But maybe the more important stuff. Like DirectX, .Net, Video drivers, Sound drivers etc., Reason being is, Not every one knows where and how to update there drivers, and software.
Interesting idea however right now and for the foreseeable future we want to focus on AddOns and get that working great.

-There should be a button or something that tell Minion I want to installed Beta. Maybe 2 buttons. Just like the way you guys have it now. But each one on the side has a button next to the version Release, and Beta. So, user can pick which one to used. They can pick either Release version of the addons, or Beta version, etc., Example: Release version [update], Beta version[update], Current version.
Thanks, we do have a similar feature like this planned. It's going to require some updates to our website as well to make this happen and we are working on that.

-A way to make the Minion smaller. I'm using 1680x1050 monitor. Would like it I could make it smaller(left and right side.) I want it more like a square box than a rectangle.
I think this could be done if we found a good way to collapse the search / filters / sorting controls at the top of the installed and find more tabs.

-Needs a button for user to like the addons, and report problems that the addons has. So, the people that makes the addons can read it. This goes for both Minion, and the addons creator.
We do want to add a "like" or "recommend" button for AddOns and its planned for a future version. Or maybe rework and integrate our favorite system into Minion.

The report problems button is not something authors really want but I appreciate the suggestion. I can understand it could easily encumber authors than help them when used en masse. If you need to report a problem with an AddOn its not too difficult right now in Minion. Click on the AddOn under the installed list and that opens the AddOn details window. Then press the "Visit Website" link and it should open your default web browser to the AddOn page on our site.

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