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The condensed version, for those that aren't Monty Python fans.

1. Post with respect and courtesy. Debate is fine ... so long as when you disagree with someone, you respond in a civilized and constructive manner.

2. No libel. No defamation of character. Don't come here and slam/flame anyone/thing. Don't come here sounding off that Blizz sucks, EQ sucks, mod_author_01 sucks, etc and so on. None of that. You want to post things like that, take it elsewhere, there are enough other boards that cater to that type of thing. This isn't FlameVault. See 1.

3. Don't spam. If you have something to discuss, a question to ask, advice to give, that's fine. The occasional silly post/joke/whatever in Chit Chat forum is fine. (Example - my post directly above this. ) But posting random crap for no reason other than to post random crap ... just don't do it.

4. Don't break WoW EULA or ToU. If you come here and post that you are selling your WoW account for real world money, offering or asking for power-levelling, in-game items or gold for real life cash, private servers or any other post that breaks WoW EULA or ToU, your post will be deleted and you will (at minimum) warned not to do it again. Repeated offenses will lead to banning from the site.

5. Re Uploading of mods - no un-announced easter eggs. The only thing your mod should do is exactly what you say it will do, nothing more. If you want to include a "cute little easter egg" in your mod, tell folks it is there in the description of your mod, have it turned off by default and tell folks how to enable it if they want it turned on. Any mods found that have malicious content will be removed and the author warned &/or banned from the site depending on the severity. Any mods found that have un-documented easter eggs will be suspended until the author documents it.

6. Do not upload other people's mods. That is a violation of their copyright. Only the original authors may upload to our site.

7. Related to 6. Do not download from our site to host somewhere else. Again, this is a violation of the mod authors' copyright. You may not redistribute without expression permission from the authors.

8. Please do not post outside links for addons, unless they are located on trusted sites such as Curse, wowace, googlecode, etc. It's so easy to just host it here - if you would like to offer it to someone else, just upload it. Any link like will be removed.

Not following these rules will (at minimum) get you warned not to do it again. Repeated offenses will lead to banning from the site.


We know a lot of you like to have graphic signatures. We are going to ask that if you wish to have a graphic signature that you make them not exceeding the following dimensions and size limit.

Max Width = 350 pixels

Max Height = 150 pixels

Max File size = 30kb

*Also the use of Huge or Oversized Text

Anything exceeding these limits will be removed without notice.

The reason for this is tall signatures just take up way to much vertical space making it more difficult to read threads. The reason for the width limit is so all posts fit well on a 1024 x 768 screen. The file size limit is for those who have slower connections.

*Please refrain from using "huge" or "large" text, especially in conjunction with larger pictures

Signatures that advertise a product or service can and will result in the owner’s account being permanently banned.

Edit: I have attached an image that shows the max height & width dimensions for sig files, to make it easier for people judge.

(more to be added as necessary)
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