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Little Question (selfcast)


i have a small Problem... Maybe someone can help me out. Since i installed the nui+ I cant use my favorite addon anymore - its called rselfcastBB - an it allows me to cast any spell on my own, just by a right click on the button. Maybe someone can tell me if there is a way to fix it oder if there is another addon with the same things, wich is running in nui+.

Another questeion i may have ist, how to change the target Options in nui+. As a healer i dont like to see the targets of my groumembers, because i alway click on them an miss the healing on a member, if dont click right, was hard to do, if i have to do it quick....

Last i may thx to all guys who made this nice UI its great and i hope that there willbe more adds ond pers in future... bb