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Well, macros can still be clicked. You can use the modifier keys to alter which spell to use or even the button modifiers (different action if right clicked, etc.).

One thing I highly recommend for a resto druid, which I swear by on all of my characters, including my resto druid, is Clique. This is a click-casting addon where you can assign various spells to different mouse-clicks (you can bind many spells this way using the modifier keys and their combinations). For example, I keep up Lifebloom with shift-left-click and Wild Growth is shift-right-click. This is definitely the way to go for a "clicker" healer, as it takes out the second step of needing to select your target for the spell - it's done all at once. (And don't feel bad if you need a cheat sheet on your desk for what's bound to what, I still have mine from when I was learning what I bound things to. ) Imo, this is easier than keybinds and, as mentioned, it's one click instead of 2. You can even set up macros in Clique to use instead of a spell from your spellbook, so you can still have the same binding for both rez spells and spit out a message to your group at the same time.

Make sure that your raid/party frames display who has a buff you can dispel. Some will do this by coloring its border, some will display a large icon on the frame, etc. There are, I'm sure, other addons that can alert you when to debuff someone, but as to *who* to debuff and *where* their unit frame is, some sort of indicator on your raid/party frames is key.

Finally, have a look at PowerAuras, or it's lighter cousin, WeakAuras (don't let the name fool you, it's awesome-sauce). You can set it up to show you when you are low on mana, when your Swiftmend is off cooldown, etc. Pretty much any way you wish, including with aural cues. I'm not certain of PowerAuras, but WeakAuras includes a tutorial module (which you can disable when you're finished with it) to show you how to use the addon - I recommend going through it.
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