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Also CTmod does this, without replacing the default bars. CTmod is a classic, I use it for nearly ten years now, but with my numerous alts the saved variables get to big (and cleaning them up is too much work). I definitely keep it for my mains but I need something small and simple for my alts.
I would like to just either move or scale but I'm stuck with whatever code I try. I made a post in the luahelp section about it but so far nobody came around to help.
Keep looking at my thread http://www.wowinterface.com/forums/s...ad.php?t=53768 if somebody comes around to help I might be able to figure something out.

Actually, my code is already working, as long as you don't use one of the addons it's conflicting with.
Create a directory named MyScale in your addon folder. Inside it create 2 files named myscale.lua and myscale.toc.
myscale.lua :
-- 0.9 means 90%, edit this to your liking
myscale.toc :
## Title: MyScale
## Interface: 60200
## Author: me, myself and I
## X-Credits: kaimox :-)

That's a quick and dirty hack but it should work (caveat other addons). If I get any help in my other thread I could maybe produce something better.

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