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Originally Posted by p3lim View Post
YAML Code:
  1. sudo: false
  2. language: c
  4. addons:
  5.   apt:
  6.     packages:
  7.     - pandoc
  9. script: curl -s [url]https://raw.githubusercontent.com/BigWigsMods/packager/master/release.sh[/url] | bash
  11. branches:
  12.   only:
  13.   - /^\d+\.\d+(\.\d+)?(-\S*)?$/
LOLOLOL I figured it out @p3lim!! Your instructions has the curl with URL tags. It should be like this.

script: curl -s https://raw.githubusercontent.com/BigWigsMods/packager/master/release.sh | bash
It worked perfectly when I did this. It's all working fine now Turns out no you don't need the .pkgmeta file if you want to just upload it the way it is without modifications.
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