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some just general tips i can think of for when grouping are if you're the tank & have an aoe use it whenever you can with multiple mobs (people don't tend to try to attack tank's target, they just attack whatever), when tanking don't let mobs go on healer & if the healer needs mana, LET THEM GET IT!! When dpsing, let the tank pull for pete's sake!! To make things easier on the healer don't stand in stuff that hurts you, that just makes it harder for the healer since they have to try to heal everyone while still keeping the tank alive. The fights where that becomes a big issue are in the higher levels but its always a good rule of thumb to go by. I know being considerate of others in the game isn't a very common thing but from my experience when the group is considerate of the other players and everyone is able to do their part & be friendly, it just makes the game that much more fun to play. It's just a game, it should be fun!!!
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