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Originally Posted by semlar View Post
The unique ID field is mentioned on the itemString page on wowpedia with some theories about how it works and what it represents.

From my own observances it seems to be capable of identifying a particular stack of cloth in my inventory as it's moved around with a clearly distinct ID from other stacks. Splitting the stack results in 2 stacks with the same ID and dropping new items onto an existing stack kept the existing stack's ID.

As long as the containers aren't stackable I doubt any two will have the same ID, and I don't think any containers that produce a loot window can be stacked. Clams can be stacked but simply dump their contents into your inventory when clicked.

I have a feeling that containers will all have a unique ID because of their unique contents, but I really can't say definitively.
Still, this is great. I don't have to entirely abandon the way I currently do it by GUID; I can set up code to always track the unique IDs (which will only take one additional table and one additional API command - not a big performance hit at all). Then, I can always look for the bug (if this is a locked item, we're looting it, and the GUID entry is blank, then...), and if it exists, I can fall back onto the unique ID system.

Even if the unique ID system isn't 100% present on every item, it will be accurate enough to cover these edge cases.

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