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Originally Posted by Kanegasi View Post
The website jeffy linked is what I suggest using to create an addon out of your script (don't forget to remove the /runs as they suggested), but you also need to open the .toc file from the downloaded folder and change 80200 to 11302 so the addon can run without using the "load out of date addons" option.

As for making the target frame transparent, here you go:

Lua Code:
  1. hooksecurefunc("TargetFrame_CheckFaction",function(self)
  2.     self.nameBackground:SetVertexColor(0,0,0,0.5)
  3. end)

This will make the targetframe's name background the same color and alpha as the playerframe, but it will no longer show gray for tapped units or any other color.

Finally, about your "works in retail and not in classic" comment, what is that referring to? Your scripts? You need to make sure "numeric values" is selected in Esc > Interface Options > Display, which gives the frames the "### / ###" format you're trying to change.
Hey, thanks for the help!

Yea the color of tapped units might be a problem I realized. Is it possible to only works on players?

Thanks again
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