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I won't ever commit to a timeline, or milestones... I do get scatter brained and often work on multiple things at once, or i'll start tackling one thing and be unable to figure it out so I'll move to something else to give the brain a rest and jump back to the first issue.

I also do get often behind in checking on things, I know i have over 300 unread notices on github which is why your pull never got reviewed until someone poked me on it here, (I won't say who in case they'd prefer to remain anonymous). Trying to keep up with github, here, curse, curseforge, and direct emails gets a little taxing.

What I would like to do, and it could fit with the milestones is to get a jira or redmine going, a central location that bugs, feature requests, and wanted changes can be reported and is for everything. Something I or other's can look at and see what needs to be done, and can also mark as things are completed and allow better communication. Something that is strictly for bugs, and nothing else.

When something gets reported here, and then I see the same report on github, I ignore it, which ends up at least for me causing issue's since when I'm trying to fix bugs, I look through the forums here for bug reports, and then over to github, and things get easily missed, or i'll think something was fixed in my head and it turns out it wasn't.

I don't know if i'll have time before I leave on sunday, but I am hoping to do one more push for Carbonite Maps which fixes the NPCScan overlay issue, we have been blaming them and saying they need to fix it, when really it really is a problem with Carbonite when I looked into it.

As for pushing what i'm working on, well that's another reason i'd prefer a jira. I don't like pushing unfinished work. Usually my builds are filled with error logging, notices, and actually very unstable (I don't think i've seen trade chat in months from the amount of text printing that happens). Once I have all the bugs worked out that are on my notepad to look into, I find and remove all the debugging and push it to github.

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