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Originally Posted by Rythal View Post
I'm not sure which continent you live on that 2 weeks is a month.. I made a post in the dev section detailing exactly what your looking for, what needs to be done currently / handled.

This post was made Jan 17th an hour before I left, and was also the same time I stopped being active and had made it quite clear I would not be around or available until I returned. I checked the forums a couple times while I was gone, answered some posts infrequently, but I lived mostly up to my word and was unavailable.

I returned 3 days ago, and have been in bed with the flu since then and going right back there now.

I have looked over the commits to the github, both versions master and dev and while there has been about 40 commits, there is 1 or 2 things I need to check for myself before I consider another live release.

What have I been doing code wise? nothing, I updated git and released a live version just before I left. I stated I was doing nothing and would be unavailable, and I left a listing of everything I knew needed to be looked into.
At the moment I kinda know what you are going through, although I got out of the coding community almost all together. Last Tuesday I got some news from my doctors (and the hospital) that said I could possibly have Cancer at 41 that is pretty bad news, they sent my results off to a specialist and I'm hoping to hear something this Tuesday as it'll have been a week. Hope you get well soon.