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Originally Posted by aallkkaa View Post
Does it refuse to cast every time?
You are trying to cast a mix of on-GCD and off-GCD spells. You do know you cannot cast all those spells in one single click/keypress, right?

In case you didn't know, aside from the explicit cooldown some spells have (visible on their tooltip), most spells, both instant-cast and those with a cast-time, are also bound to the GCD (Global CoolDown). This is usually 1.5 seconds (usually modified by haste) and, in some cases 1 second (Druid forms for instance).
Once you successfully begin casting a spell (instant or not), the GCD is triggered and you must click a button (same or other) again to cast another spell (same of diferent) AFTER the GCD has elapsed.

The Azerite Essence major power Memory of Lucid Dreams has a GCD of 1 second. That means that unless it is unavailable (under its explicit 2 minutes cooldown), it will be the only GCD spell on that macro that is cast.
Combustion is a rare exception to the rule of all base spells being on the GCD (each class has maybe one or two base spells that aren't on the GCD, all others are). So it will be cast everytime it's off its 2 mins cooldown, regardless of whether or not Memory of Lucid Dreams was successfully cast.
Berserking (as all other Racial spells), if off the GCD. So it will, like Combustion, always be cast if it's not on its explicit 3 minns cooldown.
Rune of Power is a Talent spell and most of those spells are actually off the GCD. Rune of Power is an exception to that rule and aactually has a 1.5 second GCD.
This means that Rune of Power will only be cast by that macro when Memory of Lucid Dreams fails to cast.

Does the above answer your question, or was none of this new to you?
So, the best way to "fix" this is to have RoP on manual, and the rest on a macro? It fails like 9/10 times, wich made me confused but when you put it that way, it makes sense.
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