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SPIEL - I salute you

But, unfortunately, I must do it from afar.

I have been banned for 72 hours for the following:


* 608. Re: WoW UI Add-On Development Policy 03/21/2009 02:12:08 PM PDT

Q u o t e:
If Blizzard starts placing ads in the game I will stop playing.
I can't stand seeing them every time I try to watch television or view web pages, and I especially can't stand people calling my daily trying to sell me crap, I definitely won't stand for it during my leisure activities.

Wave of the future, my friend. Why, it opens up a whole new panorama of potential activities. Fruit hooves. Troll Bait Soup - yum , can't wait for Campbell's to figure out how to get a gnome in a can.

Blizzard needs to watch itself. Congress has TWICE tried to tax in-game gold and transactions. By allowing a mixture of fantasy and real-world, Blizzard is opening itself up to the tax man.

Sometimes I wonder if Heinlein was wrong when he said "A committee is a life form with 8 or more legs and no brain." It seems to apply quite well to WoW's management.

I'm not sure if it was the reference to WoW management's apparent stupidity, or if it was the reference to in-game taxation.

I'm the "pig's can't dance" poster, by the way. Sorry I have to leave that discussion.
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