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Originally Posted by Seerah
Also remember that you need only click the link in ircdirk's signature to get the very lastest version of Carbonite from github.
Hi, Seerah. I had the understanding that the GitHub files (which are always in a constant state of change), were there for the developers and not for normal users to use. It would seem to me that if users found issues with those files, they'd then be posting errors all over the place, which is happening now--almost daily! Maybe it's just me, but I feel a little safer downloading and using files which have already been 'approved,' such as the Live version offers. I'm just waiting and hoping that some of the Live version (sub-categories like Warehouse) will be updated, and not necessarily a completely new Live version. I can wait for the "complete" overhaul to be done. I hope I explained this clearly enough.
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