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Originally Posted by ircdirk View Post
U didnt wrote that. But u are not writing about faster releases and "approved" at the same time? Make up your mind.

For downloading u dont have to register on Github.

As for Beta version of Carbonite: BETA = GitHub now and users who USES GitHub version SOULD and i will write it twice SOULD post issues on Github. As there is special interface for that (more simple than this forum). Posting issues helps developers, as on github everything is connected with each other.

As for Release Candidates, they will be on GitHub, i dont think we will post them twice here and on GitHub. Every one can download those when they want.
Sounds like a convoluted mess to me.

If the GitHub version is the most current version (even though it's a Development version), then why is the forum and its Carbonite-Live version-Sub-forums being used to post errors? There is even a Sub-forum for Development (which means GitHub)! Isn't that making it 2 or 3 different places to report the same errors? [GitHub version, Live version, and Developer's Sub-forum]? The only place I ever saw the word "BETA" is in your signature (in your posts), but I thought that was a typo. -- I just don't understand, but that's nothing new.
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