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For the code

<CheckButton name="MUShieldSlam" parent="UIParent" inherits="ActionButtonTemplate">
		<Anchor point="CENTER"/>
		<Attribute name="action" value="2"/>
		<OnLoad function="ActionButton_OnLoad"/>
I think the problem is you can't use the ActionButton_OnLoad in your xml directly, you may use the ActionBarButtonCodeTemplate instead of the ActionButtonTemplate.

For the second, if you don't want override the template's onload, you can use inherit="prepend" in your frame, here is an example:

	<Frame name="TestFrameTemplate" hidden="true" virtual="true">
				print("TestFrameTemplat loaded")
	<Frame name="TestFrame" inherits="TestFrameTemplate">
			<OnLoad inherit="prepend">
				print("TestFrame loaded")
The result will be:

TestFrameTemplat loaded
TestFrame loaded
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