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Originally Posted by Scyntt View Post
I've also have had this issue. Only once has the frame come up for the roll option, and I have coins*. My outside mods include DBM, Recount, Onebag3, and Auctioneer suite. I did recently play with settings in grid, and really the only change I've made was having the stance bar not recenter by default.

I also can't interact with the black market auction house, but I have a feeling that's auctioneer.

I also have a blackmarket issue from time to time (can't select items in the market). A /reloadui or deactivating aurora usually clears that up.

As for the bonus roll: I encountered, that on some occassions the roll window appears above the top screen border and only the roll countdown is visible. I think there is a problem with placing the window but I haven't seen any systematic reason that would cause it.

Originally Posted by Anj View Post
If I remember right: ACP, ArkInventory, and oUF.
I remember getting some messages about blocked actions from ACP from time to time, but I'm not sure when this is or what it results in. I'll give more attention to it the next time I encounter that. This usually does not break playing though.

Originally Posted by Eisritter View Post
Wasn't there a threat plates or equivalent? I'm not seeing it now, is there something I'm missing?
There is Omen just below the HUD when you fight (I think only visible when in dps/tank mode of the ui) and the usual name plates which indicate that one has aggro by their color (activate by pressing v).