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Originally Posted by runamonk View Post
My guess is doing your whole interface with WA is going to be the issue for sure. Wow man. I don't think that was the original intention of WA hehe. That seems a bit excessive. Well that was easy.

Now the hard part is going to be recreating what you need from your old interface to another addon either oUF as the framework and create your own layout. I would start by grabbing one layout that uses the oUF framework and start messing with it and learning how it works. That's what I did with mine. I started with oUF P3lim and oUF Lumen and I've basically created a whole new layout from using those as starter baseline.

Just get one element/unit working and go from there.

Out of curiosity could you post a screen shot of your UI?

I tried some weeks to create one frame, but i just not understand how to do it with or without oUF

Here are screenshots:


It has icons, locale flags, raid/group targeting count. HP bar changes the color, if there dispellable debuff on a player, like poison (green) disease (brown) etc... All frames are clickable.

In group shows role icon.

Party frames are set to alpha 0.6 if too far away. Else set on 1
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