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I'd recommend staying away from Titan Panel, since it still has not been rewritten to use the modern DataBroker API that lets plugins work with lots of different display addons, and instead includes a bunch of additional code to "translate" DataBroker plugins to its own archaic and horrible API. Titan was one of the first addons I used, too, but today there's just no reason to use it vs. a real DataBroker display -- ChocolateBar, Bazooka, DockingStation, NinjaPanel, ButtonBin, and others can give you the same "info bar" style -- and I don't really understand why the current developers (it's gone through a lot) don't just rewrite it already.

But, I can easily say that if I had to pare down my addons, my "info bar" would be one of the ones I cut. It can be convenient having shortcuts right there to access some addons' options, toggle some frames, switch between equipment sets, see my current bag space count, etc. but all of those things can be accessed through other means, and I don't really need to see which subzone I'm in and how much rep I have with my watched faction all the time. I have mine set to show only on mouseover, and don't really find myself looking at it that much.

Good addons unit frames and action bars are probably the most important things. The Blizzard unit frames are just awful, especially for healing. The Blizzard action bars are functionally okay, but waste a lot of space on junk that doesn't matter. If you play on a smaller-than-average screen or larger-than-average screen, or are visually impaired, then the default UI's lack of scalability for individual elements becomes a problem; I need bigger unit frames, for example, but don't need a minimap that takes up 25% of the screen.

If you want to try an action bar addon, Bartender and Dominos both work out of the box with little to no setup, but have plenty of options.

If you want to try custom unit frames, I'd actually recommend an oUF layout. All of the big-name generic unit frame addons these days -- PitBull, Shadowed, Stuf, etc. -- are pretty bloated with thousands of options for every possible adjustment of every pixel, and I would not recommend anyone, especially a new player, try to figure out that much configuration. By contrast, oUF layouts usually just look and work the way they look and work, and have few options, if any, which means there are tons of different looks for you to choose from.
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