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Jeffy162, thanks for the reply with the explanations. I followed the link you provided and spent a good deal of time looking the the Carbonite.lua file. It does contain flight paths known by each of my characters and also Warehouse info including the Bank and RBank info and a lot more.

But, I couldn't find anything related to what I would consider "character-specific settings [a Profile]." I mean things like the sizes, zoom ratio's and screen positions where the maps are placed, waypoint arrow size/position/its text size, map options such as transparency settings, etc., etc. It's this kind of stuff I thought belonged in the individually-modified character settings which would make up the custom Profile for that character.

I don't see how Warehouse, Bank, RBank, and flight paths, quests, etc. are related to "Profiles." Those things can't be shared with other characters but, Profiles can and maybe will be sharable someday. I still don't know where the current "Default" Profile info is located. ha ha. It's not on the path which I presented, and I may have missed seeing it in the Carbonite.lua, if it's there?

Anyway, I think I've asked too many questions already. I know this isn't a 'classroom.' I'm just interested. Thanks again!
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